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Marlin's Dreaming Will Stick By You

I'll Stick By You

Marlin’s Dreaming are a young band hailing from a cold, damp flat in Hope Street, Dunedin. In October 2017, just a couple of months after forming, Marlin’s Dreaming released their first body of work, Lizard Tears. It was an eight song mix of indie pop tasters and one reworked track from the lead singer, Semisi Maiai’s, former band GROMz. The album reached huge popularity across streaming platforms worldwide, and transitioned into two sold out tours of New Zealand.

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Now a year old, Marlin’s Dreaming are releasing their second album, Talk on Commic, and single I’ll Stick By You. The 2018 EP retains the wry humour of Lizard Tears, but is less mannered: a darker beast with 90’s fangs evoking many of the post-punk greats.

20 year old Maiai’s songwriting has matured in the masterly orbit of Tim McNaughton’s choice guitar licks. Rhythm section, Oscar Johns and Hamish Morgan maintain a velvet hum.

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Marlin’s Dreaming will be sprinkling their fairy dust, including new material in their late August/September tour of New Zealand.

Tickets on sale here.

Written By: Radio13