New Music

Marty doesn't know what week it is, but still finds some new music from Melbourne

Marty Blackmore

Greetings folks from Lockdown Melbourne where one day rolls into another but listening to new music is a constant inspiration!

Gonna start this week with Ray Beadle,  who is a highly respected Sydney based Jazz and Blues influenced guitarist/singer who oozes heart and soul from his music.

He was, late last year, placed 8th in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA and has just released his new album The 301 Live Session a live album in front of an intimate audience at Sydney’s 301 studio, with double bassist Jonathan Zwartz and drummer Andrew Dickeson.

What we have is a selection of wonderful tight, sophisticated songs, some of Beadle’s own and covers from Robert Johnson, JB Lenoir, George Benson and others.

Here’s a couple: I Ain’t Coming Home and Diamonds At Your Feet.

Mitch Dean is an Americana/Alt Country Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne who has released his debut Holding Back The Levee, which is simply an amazing body of work!

I have gone back to a listen a few times and, whilst yes, I can hear Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young influences, Mitch Dean is the real deal and has learned his craft from the best!

Listen to His Father’s Gun and title, singalong chorus  track Holding Back The Levee. Can’t wait (but I guess I’ll have to) to see this guy live!

San Diego’s Whitney Shay began her musical career in the theatre but the dynamic singer soon found blues and soul music really suited her voice and style, which is evidenced on her new album STAND UP! which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Blues Chart!

Produced by crack tenor saxophonist Kaz Kazanoff, who also plays on the album, and featuring ace guitarist Laura Chavez plus other top Austin, Texas guests (Marcia Ball, Guy Forsyth) we are given some originals and a couple of covers that show the vast experience that Whitney Shay has gleaned from touring and performing in South America and Europe.

So give these couple of tracks a whirl and discover a powerhouse blues vocalist: Boy Sit Down and Getting In My Way.


Hang in there wherever you are….thinking of all Kiwi’s back in lockdown…best to ya…


Written By: Marty Blackmore Marty Blackmore is from Melbourne, originally from Invercargill, where he had a record store in the 70’s. Then, 120 record stores in Australia and New Zealand during 80’s and 90’s (well he was the GM). Currently rewired, plays in a Duo and a Band, loves finding new interesting artists and music in Blues, Americana, Country, Soul and Singer/Songwriter.