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Marty's In Lockdown Again, But New Music Always Comes Through From Melbourne

Marty Blackmore

Greetings from "Lock down" Melbourne folks, where music listening is the one privilege we all still have!

So with most state borders in Australia closed, this week I’m gonna give you some Aussie artists you may not have heard of.

Dave Favours and The Roadside Ashes' Not Your Average Country Band is the latest offering from Sydney’s Dave Favours, singer/songwriter, guitarist, who over the years has embraced Punk Rock and Alt Country via solo albums and band The Delivery, on his own label Stanley Records.

So we get glimpses of Uncle Tupelo, The Clash, Rock n Roll, Johnny Cash, all sung in a kind of monotone which suits the style of music.

Try I’ve Let You Down Again and Out of Time

Inner Outlaw is the 8th Country/Americana album from Rory Ellis who is a singer songwriter in the vein of Leonard Cohen, who makes you listen as soon as he opens his mouth and sings those great stories in his real down home throaty voice.

Born in Melbourne and now living in Newcastle, Rory Ellis was recently listed as the #1 artist in the Top 200 International Country Music Artists Chart.

Here’s the title track, Inner Outlaw and Bitumen Cowboys.

Bonedigger is the debut album from New South Wales singer/songwriter Alison Forbes, who grew up just outside of Tamworth, so country music is close to her heart, but on this album she also brings folk and rock to the mix, and with production and collaboration by Shane Nicholson (check out his solo albums folks) we have a very fine alt country debut indeed!

Great songs, powerful delivery, honest, tough, sensitive……no bullshit!

Here are live versions of Walls Of Jericho  and Pirates Life For Me” .

Thanks for listening!

Written By: Marty Blackmore Marty Blackmore is from Melbourne, originally from Invercargill, where he had a record store in the 70’s. Then, 120 record stores in Australia and New Zealand during 80’s and 90’s (well he was the GM). Currently rewired, plays in a Duo and a Band, loves finding new interesting artists and music in Blues, Americana, Country, Soul and Singer/Songwriter.