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Mini Simmons Have A Way With Murder


Mini Simmons released their third single, A Way With Murder from their forthcoming self-titled debut album which will be pressed on vinyl by NZ's only pressing viny record plant at Holiday Records

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The Auckland four-piece band who have a clear love for the 60s rock sound is made up of Zak Hawkins (vocals), Brad Craig (guitar), Jesse Hawkins (bass) and Yoni Yahel (drums and percussion).

The first single off the upcoming album Kids Off Broadway was quickly snapped up by Australia's Rebel Radio, as well as local airwaves in New Zealand. It sparked the beginning of a relationship with Christian Tjandrawinata who filmed Mini’s first music video and has continued to work with them on further projects.

There is no short way to success, but Mini Simmons don’t knock on doors politely...they kick them in.

Mini Simmons' self-titled debut LP will be released 05 July 2019.

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Catch the band on the road to promote their new music at the following gigs across NZ.

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Starters Bar @ Dunedin - 12th July
Darkroom @ Christchurch - 13th July
Caroline @ Wellington - 20th July
Galatos @ Auckland - 26th July
Totara Street @ Mt Maunganui - 27th July

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Released: 12 Jul 2019

Written By: Radio13

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