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Molly Devine Is Looking For Someone Like You


Emerging Kiwi singer and songwriter artist Molly Devine has released her euphoric new indie-pop single ‘Someone Like You’.

Catchy and uplifting, with an exhilarating beat, ’Someone Like You’ embraces the heart and soul of the perfect tune, finely balancing the electronic and pop worlds. The song was co-written with and produced by Wellington’s Nik Brinkman (Ladyhawke, The Naked and Famous, Mitch James and Josie Moon).

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A song with personal meaning, ‘Someone Like You’ was written about the first time Molly met her boyfriend at a swing dancing ball. “It was classic, I saw him as soon as I walked in and I was like ‘who is that?’, the beat of the song was taking it somewhere very different so I re-imagined it in a club.”

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Molly Devine by Chris Hansen

Molly - who is based in Dunedin - travelled to Wellington to work with Nik and says ‘Someone Like You’ came together in only a matter of hours.

Nik and I are a great team. I’m drawn to dark sounds and atmospheric lyrics, then Nik comes in and injects it with his signature infectious brightness.

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With a Master’s Degree in Music from Otago University, Molly Devine has an impressive resume of playing for the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, singing alongside New Zealand music legends Martin Phillips (The Chills), Shayne P Carter (Straitjacket Fits), Nadia Reid and Anthonie Tonnon.

Written By: Radio13