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MOONBOY Is The New Album From *Joy*


MOONBOY is about a boy who utilises the moon as his guide to know that he is in the present world of reality. *JOY* shows us a kaleidoscope of creativity to coincide with his music.

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Accompanied by a variety of collaborators, and the definitive style of *JOY*, MOONBOY is a dynamic album. From the striking imagery in the album & booklet to the eclectic and artistic music videos.

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A frequent collaborator, his most recent side project is JOY X Libeau - Natalie Joslen along with Nathan ‘Narth’ on drums.

You can find *JOY* performing around Christchurch Cathedral Square and various other venues, with his new portable and environmentally friendly set up.

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In the near future, he will be releasing his musical journey and other collaborative projects as a Vlog Music Journal.

MOONBOY includes the single Yung Days Feat Yung Steezy which featured on the NZOA ‘Ones To Watch’ chart and is playing on several radio stations in Aotearoa.

Written By: Radio13

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