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New Music from Mali: it's Mdou Moctar

Roger Bowie

Wow, this really gets me going. Some music from Africa, where I spent 8 years of my working life. I never got to Mali, but lived next door in Senegal, and the music  form this part of the world has penetrated my psyche forever.

This is Mdou Moctar, a Touareg from northern Mali, who has a great band ( so I now discover) which tours the world playing their magical music. They have just signed to Matador, and there's a new album out next year. In the meantime, enjoy the title track "Chismiten"

"The song is about how people in a relationship lose their sense of self, they become jealous and envious of others”, explains Mdou. “It is not about one specific person, but about all people in the world. I turn to Allah for guidance not to be that person”.

Here is some more:

Mdou Moctar

Album Cover Art

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