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Marty Blackmore

Greetings folks…..with winter now well upon us, time to turn up the heater, grab a mulled wine and listen to some warm music!

If you don’t recognize the name Dion DiMucci, it’s time to do some homework! 80 year old Dion has been playing music for over 60 years and his latest album Blues With Friends, might seem like a fairly simplistic title and concept, but with old friend Bob Dylan writing liner notes like: “…when you have a voice as deep and wide as Dion’s, that voice can take you all the way around the world and then all the way back home to the blues.”, and with support from Jeff Beck, Van Morrison, John Hammond, Billy Gibbons, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Louis Walker, you gotta give this album a listen.

And Dion more than hangs in there, co-writing all but two selections, and producing a fine album.

Here’s Can’t Start Over Again with Jeff Beck,  and I Got Nothin with Van Morrison and Joe Louis Walker:

Jess WilliamsonSorceress is the fourth album from this Texas singer-songwriter, whose voice is just a stand out!

Country, Americana, Folk combinations, this album is full of dreamy laid back songs where Williamson weaves the idea of astrology as a uniting thread.

The album also introduces modern and electronic influences that push the folk boundaries, so giving a contemporary feel.

 Here’s Wind On Tin and Infinite Scroll

Mark Seymour is one of Australia’s most respected singer/songwriters from his work with Hunters and Collectors, through to this his 10th solo album Slow Dawn, which is credited to Mark and his band, The Undertow.

His new album is all high quality, that definitely puts Mark Seymour up among the classics with his great storytelling.

Try The Whole World Is Dreaming and Night Driving :

Until next week!

Written By: Marty Blackmore Marty Blackmore is from Melbourne, originally from Invercargill, where he had a record store in the 70’s. Then, 120 record stores in Australia and New Zealand during 80’s and 90’s (well he was the GM). Currently rewired, plays in a Duo and a Band, loves finding new interesting artists and music in Blues, Americana, Country, Soul and Singer/Songwriter.