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New Music from Prog Rock Musician David Minasian


I got excited when I saw the cover art for David Minasian's new single: it could only be prog-rock, so who could it be it it's not the legendary Yes

David Minasian is a highly decorated keyboardist, vocalist, composer and producer deeply rooted in progressive rock. His new album The Sound Of Dreams is to be released later this year, but David has unveiled the first single from the album So Far From Home featuring PJ Olsson (The Alan Parsons Live Project) on vocals.

So Far From Home  is a majestic yet at times ethereal progressive masterpiece that echoes the golden era of prog. It is complex yet sensitive and is performed with impeccable musicianship and stunning vocals from Olsson.

The Sound Of Dreams features compositions and performances by some of the biggest names in prog: Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Steve Hackett (Genesis), Annie Haslam (Renaissance), Billy Sherwood (Yes), PJ Olsson (The Alan Parsons Live ProjectJulie Ragins (The Moody Blues Live) and Geof O'Keefe (Pentagram).

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