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New Song Of The Day: Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time

Wasting Time

Wasting Time is the second single from Princess Chelsea’s album The Loneliest Girl due out September 7 on New Zealand based Lil’ Chief Records.

It follows the popular I Love My Boyfriend  a deceptively clever 60s garage rock song discussing an internal struggle with monogamy.

In a similar manner Wasting Time sounds sugary sweet but is essentially a diss track.

The Loneliest Girl album deals with themes of loneliness that come from my lifestyle as a DIY workaholic. Occasionally I leave the house and I see younger happier more carefree people (like I used to be) outside just enjoying their lives together at coffee shops and bars and I jealously long for that again, Princess Chelsea

Chelsea continues to say, "In this song I accuse them of Wasting Time but I’m not sure I really believe that - this is stuff I had to give up to pursue music and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it. I guess this song is pretty bitchy and I’m revealing and working through my insecurities but trying to be funny about it too :) I did manage to tip my hat lyrically to Townes Van Zandt which is cool."

Musically speaking the arrangement sounds like early Madonna at the start - but then there’s a bunch of 1960s Brian Wilson shit going on. Then I peppered it with kitschy Yamaha DX7 synths then of course I just needed the trombone and a choir lol to really make it all hit home.... I guess it’s a bit of a pop culture puzzle musically speaking - all the stuff I love. I can’t be bothered with subscribing to any kind of ‘sound’.

The music video for Wasting Time was shot, edited and directed by Anastasia Doniants in a day using only ten minutes of Super 8 film and a torch operated by YourFriendElectric. Some of the film was expired which caused unpredictable happy accidents like what appears to be strange lightning flashes in the sky and the iconic single art shot.

Written By: Radio13