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New Song Of The Day: Tash Sultana - Harvest Love


Melbourne's Tash Sultana gave fans an indication of what they'll find on her upcoming album with this new song titled Harvest Love.

The 23 year old's debut album, Flow State,  is due out August 31st and Harvest Love is the second song to make its way out into the world from the hotly-anticipated LP. 


Here's what Tash had to say about the song:

“I wrote this song a little while back. People kind of assume that I only write songs with live looping but I actually write in all different ways. This is a piece I’m super proud of. I unlocked a little part of me to completely simplify the story I was trying to tell. I think you kind of get that way when you have a moment in your life when the entire world is just to hard to comprehend. So this is what came from that.”

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Written By: Radio13

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  • Graham Hooper - 3 years ago

    Nice Voice Simple Cut back Sound ..