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Papercity Sing About Plastic


Kiwi three-piece PAPERCITY has made a splash with its new single Plastic - a slice of high-energy, edgy pop, with touches of punk and rock.

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Fronted by the dynamic Alex Hargreaves who writes, sings and plays lead guitar; alongside Sam Edmonds on drums and Ellery Daines on bass, PAPERCITY is straight outta Nowheresville, New Zealand.

But make no mistake, PAPERCITY’s unique and refreshing sound is anything but ordinary.

PAPERCITY makes music on its terms and the gritty youth anthem ‘Plastic’ - with its aggressive guitar, bass and drums, brought to life with modern technology, and highly addictive chorus - is proof of that.

“’Plastic’ talks to young people who have had struggles and feel like outcasts. It is really difficult at the moment to find someone to look up to who truly understands them,” says Alex.

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PAPERCITY has been writing and performing since forming in 2011, and although it has a handful of soft releases to its name, ‘Plastic’ is the first official single and signals a new chapter in the band’s journey.

With more music on the horizon, and full of character and colour, PAPERCITY is simply a force to be reckoned with. Watch this space!

PAPERCITY ‘Plastic’ – released Friday January 25

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Written By: Radio13