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Passenger tells the story of Suzanne


Here's another new song from British troubadour Passenger, from his new album Songs For The Drunk and Brokenhearted  due out on January 8th. It's called "Suzanne"

Of the song and video, Mike Rosenberg (Passenger) says, “This song tells the tale of an older lady drinking alone in a bar and thinking back to a time when she was youthful and beautiful and had her whole life ahead of her. I think it’s a subject that I keep on returning to in my songs – the fleeting nature of youth and the inevitable passing of time. Suzanne had it all in front of her and wasted it, and now sits longing for something that can never happen again.”

Passenger album cover

Album Cover Art

Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted is available to pre-order HERE

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