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Pink Lemon Music CLONES

PINK LEMON MUSIC /// Stop The Train

Pink Lemon Music is an internet collaborative project made up of Justin L. Fraser (Norwich, England), Michal 'Ezy' Travnicek and Joffrey Dauphin (Stuttgart, Germany).

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All three individuals have neither met in person nor sat in the same room to write/record their music. Instead, they have allowed their music to connect over the internet and guide their body of work into a genre they call Spacewave. 

The internet band Pink Lemon Music have released a debut album called CLONES on 27 Sep 2019.

Pink Lemon Music have produced a respectable debut album filled with soaring vocals and a synth-scape of melodies. The talented trio have unlimited room for experimentation and exploration. 

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Released: 27 Sep 2019

Written By: Radio13