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R & B Sensation Villette is Curious


Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer Villette is back with a bang on her new single Curious- the first track from her upcoming EP. 

Curious, which premiered on Aotearoa’s #1 R&B and hip hop radio station Mai FM, is a statement, feel-good track, which blends the R&B, soul and funk of Michael Jackson with the effortless and sultry coolness of The Internet. It’s also an empowering “to the girl that’s on a mission but enjoying the journey”, says Villette.

It’s a tale of enjoying the ups and downs of life and venturing further down forbidden paths”, she adds. 

The song was produced by Ben Malone and co-written with Max Gunn and Jono Boyle on a writing workshop in Auckland. Meanwhile, the video captures that all too familiar feeling of not wanting the night to end. “It’s me hanging out with my friends, enjoying each others’ company and feeling free to express ourselves. Like the lyrics of the song say: ‘cause tonight we don’t need no ending’,” says Villette


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Written By: Radio13