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Radio 13 DJs Assemble! Work In Progress!


English Jake profile2

English Jake – Rock n Roll Emporium
Member of The D4 and other kick ass rock n roll bands over the years, including Thee Rum Coves, English Jake brings his eclectic take on all things garage, mod, soul, funk and beyond. As well as being in bands he spent many lost years working at the (in)famous Reckless Records in London helping amass a myriad of vinyl gems for his collection. All this effort takes its toll and you, the good listener will be the beneficiary of this misspent youth and adulthood. Talking bollox a speciality.
File under: Garage, rock n roll, soul, funk, mod, alternative, metal


DJ RogerBowie

Roger Bowie - Roger Bowie's Americana Show
Roger Bowie has been collecting music since 1964, starting with 45 rpm singles, and then building an LP and CD collection from 1970. 1.8 per week since then. Not a vast collection, but eclectic and occasionally obscure. Which is why he loves to share his music and passion on Radio 13.
Every Monday night from 7-9pm, with repeats during the week, Roger has two formats:

  • Over two weeks, a cruise through the years with a song a year from 1964 to around 2014
  • Every 3 weeks, an Americana focus

Roger is a big Americana fan, and regularly attends AmericanaFest in Nashville, held every September.
Also, he once played golf with Alice Cooper….


Baker Profile

Baker – Baker’s Junkshop Funk
To paraphrase Winston Churchill - He is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; he is BAKER.
NZ’s primary musical agitator, man of mystery and knower of all things, John Baker brings his junkshop funk to Radio 13. Records found for a $1 are the cornerstone of the show and if it titillates and fornicates then all the better.
He is BAKER.
File under: Soul, funk, boogie, garage, rock n roll


Simon Profile pic

Simon William Todd
Simon loitered on the periphery of the periphery of the London indie scene in the 1990s, then hot-footed it to Aotearoa New Zealand where he juggles life. Simon's Sunday morning show has an open-door policy, but shimmering indie rock, synth-pop and swan songs are always on the guest list.
File Under: Indie, alternative, shoe-gaze, synth-pop, fun times


Sandy profile3

Sandy Mill - Tuneage Daydream
When Sandy Mill isn't writing, singing and playing music, she is listening to it. She's in bands too SJD, New Telepathics and her own Sandy Mill Band. Occasionally you will find her selecting records at Dr Rudi's and drinking beer...
"I don't focus on any genre....I focus on great music"
File under: Aotearoa, soul, funk, afro, folk, rock


DJ David Profile

Boylee – Friends of the Enz
He can’t sing a note in tune, remember a complete song lyric, nor play an instrument of any sort, but he does have an eye-opening knowledge of modern music and is never shy to share it. His music tastes range from Bowie to Queen, Woody Guthrie to Monsters of Folk, NWA to Eminem and pretty much everything in between.
Boylee will have his mates along for the journey, chipping in with their recommendations and playlists - Some of his mates you’ll know well, others you’ll want to. So come and join Boylee and his mates and look forward to expecting the unexpected.
File under: Classic rock, folk, 80s, alternative


Perrot profile

Alan Perrott aka House of Bamboo – The House of Bamboo
Alan Perrott aka House of Bamboo, aka Punter, aka DJ AlanP (depending on his tailoring) has been banging songs together since his days of compiling mixtapes for school dances in Auckland’s Southside.
Just a gnat’s arse too young for the first bloom of punk, he jumped all over the first fruits of post-punk and kicked off a record collection that drove his dad and bank balance to despair. But what a time to be a teen with new genres being born monthly and each requiring an entirely new wardrobe (courtesy of mum’s sewing machine).
His first DJ setup was his trusty Panasonic 3-in-1 and a portable CD player. Dead flash and it did the job. Sort of.
Also a highly run-of-the-mill drummer he banged the pots and pans at sundry Auckland venues of the 80s until his bandmates decided to sod this, let’s get real jobs.
But his ears were now foraging far and wide, dipping in and out of lounge, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, etc and so on and so forth and then some. There was one brief sally into downbeat trance, but he’s all better now thanks very much.
And so, after ‘mumble mumble’ years of collecting all and sundry, he’s dead ‘appy smashing genres, shining new light into musical misadventures, revealing nuggets in otherwise shithouse discographies, and generally having a fine time with other people’s endeavours.
Doin’ it for the love innit.
Get in.


Victoria Profile pic2

Victoria Spence - Victoriana
Victoria Spence grew up in a musically inclusive household. While her mother played Rod Stewart records her father played in a traditional Scottish pipe band. Her early career as a band groupie involved tagging along to pipe band tattoos where she was put to work hauling around bass drums and leopard skins.

Teenage years passed in a blur of record collecting, truancy and badly-considered relationships.
She now runs her own musically inclusive household and her youngest child was nearly born under the GeorgeFM desk where Victoria helmed the Sunday morning ten til noon slot for 8 years. She was able to further share her love of a good tune via the Victoriana compilation released on Festival Records in 2003.

After ten years out of the studio Victoria is back, stitching together a wilfully disorganised and joyfully eclectic two hour show.


Dee profile

Miss Dom - Love, Peace & Chicken Grease
Miss Dom (Dom Nola), is an Auckland based vinyl DJ and an avid vinyl record collector. In a previous life, Dom was a 95 BFM Programme Director & Music Director. Dom's life has always remained very closely aligned to both music & broadcasting.

After a hiatus, from BFM - she returned in 2014 becoming involved with the 95 BFM Jazz Show. Dom is one of the guest hosts & can often be heard as the Blonde-chick-side- kick on the Jazz Show.
She is currently the longest-serving female on 95 BFM today.

Dom is an active DJ having playing at many of Auckland iconic venues including The Kings Arms, Golden Dawn, Whammy Bar. She also curates music for venues & public spaces, everything from pop-up restaurants to the Very Vintage Day Out weekend.

Although Dom enjoys selecting Jazz & Soul grooves - she also loves playing Rock N Roll too. Aside from her work with the BFM Jazz show - she is current Host of the Radio 13 show called Love, Peace & Chicken Grease - A great opportunity for her to rock out and share some music factoids with listeners.


Written By: Radio13