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Radio Show: Friends To The Enz With Boylee

Late Last Night - Split Enz

Boylee’s first show on Radio 13 was a cracker! Hosting the legend Mike Chunn from Split Enz and Citizen Band fame, the show covered all things relating to Split Enz. There was much banter, reminiscing and laughter and the odd technical issue, which only added to the feel of the show.

The gig covered off songs from the past and present with some insights about the history of some of the most (and forgotten) gems of the era. Some of the other bands showcased during the 2 hour comedy show ranged from Pop Mechanix, Phil Judd, Crowded House, Boy and Bear, Dance Exponents, and The Swingers. But the gold was hearing the stories to the songs that Mike was involved in the early days of the Enz.

If you missed it, never fear because the podcast is now available at and it may just get you to dust off those early Enz albums and play the songs again with some insight how they all came about.

Friendz to the Enz Playlist

  • One Good Reason / The Swingers
  • I See Red / Split Enz
  • Matinee Idyll [129] / Split Enz
  • Now / Pop Mechanix
  • Time For A Change / Split Enz
  • Stranger Than Fiction / Split Enz
  • Titus / Split Enz
  • Acrobats / Citizen Band
  • Late Last Night / Split Enz
  • Victoria / The Exponents
  • Poor Boy / Split Enz
  • Dreamin Away / Phul Judd
  • Stuff And Nonsense / Split Enz
  • Fall At Your Feet / Boy & Bear
  • Into Temptation / Crowded House
  • Message To My Girl / eNZso
Written By: Radio13

What people are saying

  • Chris T Bum - 2 years ago

    This was a really beautiful and informative recording made by you guys. It is great to see people sharing what they love with others. Such talented, creative souls you all were, and still are to this day. Thank you.