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Reb Fountain Releases Album Single 'Don't You Know Who I Am'


After the success of singles Samson and When Gods Lie, Aotearoa local Reb Fountain will release her highly-anticipated self titled album on Friday, May 1st 2020, her debut through Flying Nun. Today, she reveals a brand new album single Don't You Know Who I Am. 

Reb Fountain tells the story behind the creation of the new single ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am':

"Don’t You Know Who I Am was inspired by Benjamin Chee Chee, an Ojibway, First Nation artist. A friend of mine had given me two prints found at an op shop by Ojibway, First Nation artist Benjamin Chee Chee. I fell in love with his work and when I came across his piece ‘Three Flying Geese’ it totally resonated with me and I sought license to use it as artwork for my earlier album Little Arrows. I also got it tattooed on my forearm. It was during this time, in conversation with Benjamin’s estates lawyer, that I heard Benjamin’s story. A young artist on the cusp of ‘success’ he was also Native American and in the 70s, growing up ‘indian’ in the US was particularly harsh. While you had AIM, UNA and Red Powerfighting for indigenous rights and restitution you also had extreme racism and brutality towards first nation people. One night–true to the times-Benjamin got locked up for being ‘drunk and disorderly’; for being native. In the cell he was heard, a little tipsy and full of bravado, bragging that he was a famous artist. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ a proud swagger amidst rampant injustice. The next day he was found hung in the cell; an apparent suicide ... his entire art studio was also found; completely empty ... all his works down to his paintbrushes were gone.‘Don’t You Know Who I Am ’is about a lot of things but mostly it’s about who we think we are, who we want to be, who we have become and who we have left behind. It’s a rallying cry to rise up, to unite, to fight the good fight. It’s a call to dig deep, wake up, open your eyes and beat your own drum. It bids you to holdfast, pick yourself up and keep on keeping on" 

REB FOUNTAIN out this Friday, May 1st, Through Flying Nun (NZ)

Pre-Order the album here:

Bandcamp will again waive its cut of sales to support artists. The website's next 24-hour campaign is set for May 1st 

Catch Reb on RNZ Live with Jesse Mulligan Friday, May 1st as Reb dives deep into the origins of her new album.

Written By: Radio13