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Sam Bartells Let's Go with his new EP and Tour starting today


New Zealand singer-songwriter Sam Bartells today releases his first full-length project and debut EP Let’s Go.

An artist debut carefully crafted over years in the making, Bartells brings an alternative approach to country music. His distinct vocals alone are his signature piece. Off the back of this accomplished collection of heartfelt songs, a true troubadour and genuine storyteller has officially arrived! 

With a sound and style too immense to be contained to the city of Auckland, Sam Bartells proudly took his talents to Nashville, where he teamed up with renowned Nashville-based producer Dr. Ford. There he penned each of the five tracks featured on Let's Go, and collaborated with Music City songwriters Pete Sallis and Stan Karcz on the title track.

Listen/Purchase Let's Go HERE | iTUNES | APPLE MUSIC | SPOTIFY

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