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Santa Rosa Fangs, As Told By Matt Costa

Time Tricks (2018)

Southern California-based singer/songwriter Matt Costa’s fifth full-length album—and first in five years—Santa Rosa Fangs is out now on Dangerbird Records. Costa is now premiering the new video for the track Time Tricks.

Costa is continuing to tour in support of the record, confirming an intimate, fan-hosted The Road to Santa Rosa Fangs living room tour this September in which he tells the stories behind the new record and plays songs spanning his entire career.

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Additionally, the special Novella Edition of Santa Rosa Fangs—a digital-only reissue of the critically acclaimed record—is due October 5 via Dangerbird Records. The new edition features new narration, never-before-heard b-sides and interstitial tracks from Costa, fleshing out the album’s story of a fictional young woman named Sharon, her two brothers Ritchie and Tony, and their tale of love, loss and coming of age in California, replete with long distance love affairs and nostalgic romances.

Rather than setting out to create a specific narrative for the new record, Costa began noticing a theme in the new songs as he wrote them: an unconscious embodiment of the surroundings in which he himself had grown up.

“I’ve interwoven my own stories into a fictional idea of what Santa Rosa Fangs is, from my own time spent living in Northern and Southern California and years driving up and down the coast, seeing the landscape and where life can pull you within one state,” Costa explains.

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It’s the characters’ story and my story, too, contemporary but still tortured by the past. It’s a window into a time period but spoken as if it’s the present. The beauty of love and loss doesn’t have a date on it; it’s timeless.

Produced by Peter Matthew Bauer (The Walkmen) and Nick Stumpf (French Kicks), Santa Rosa Fangs follows Costa’s 2013 self-titled effort, which was hailed by MTV News as “a full-blown orchestral-pop affair, with strings and horns urging the songs to grand heights and dramatic dynamic shifts,” while American Songwriter included it in their Top 50 Albums of 2013, noting that “everything is meticulously arranged, often with strings, horns and layered backing singing. They effortlessly capture a sweet, innocent, truly captivating folk pop whimsy that never seems forced, pretentious or outdated, even with its obvious reverence for an earlier time.”

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In the early 2000s Costa was on his way to becoming a professional skateboarder when he was derailed by a serious injury. He changed his focus to his songwriting and an early demo found its way to No Doubt’s Tom Dumont, who ultimately produced Costa’s early recordings. In the time since Costa’s last full-length record he has kept busy by soundtracking the award-winning documentary Orange Sunshine and independently releasing a series of EPs.


1. Santa Rosa Chapter I
2. I Remember It Well
2. Sharon
4. Grudge
5. Pacific Grove
6. Santa Rosa Fangs
7. Santa Rosa Chapter II
8. Time Tricks
9. Coming Around
10. Ritchie
11. Phosphorescent Letter
12. Windy Smile
13. Real Love
14. I Remember It Well #2
15. Santa Rosa Chapter III
16. Evening Star
17. Lovely Saturday
18. Real Love (Alternate Version)
19. Pacific Grove (Alternate Version)
20. Coming Around (Alternate Version)


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