New Music's only birdsong in Melbourne and Marty is listening

New music from our man in lockdown

Marty Blackmore

Melbourne is sooooooo quiet at the moment, animals and birds are taking back the city with their songs and voices!

But into music made by some more amazingly talented people…

What’s New, Tomboy? Is the 15th album from US Songwriter Damien Jurado, and it is mostly a quiet album, with his vocals up in the mix, and 10 songs whose lyrics quietly explore the impermanence of life, which is perhaps indicative of this moment in time.

Categorizing this music is not easy, as Jurado’s way of constructing songs is quite unique, but call it folky, and at the end of the album, you’ll wanna start again, just to ensure that you didn’t miss something!

So here’s Arthur Aware and Birds Tricked Into The Trees.

American Charley Crockett was supposed to tour Australia in 2019, but had to cancel because he needed open heart surgery!

So after recovering, he went straight back to work, giving us Welcome To The Hard Times, his 8th album in 5 years!

Now Charley has had his share of hard times, and uses these as real influences to give us a 60’s country style of album, with input from Dan Auberbach and Pat McLaughlin, producing a fine ol’ time album…can’t wait to see this guy live, as his baritone voice and arrangements just drift you away!

Try Run Horse Run  and Don’t Cry.

Okay Dubliner Eileen Gogan’s Under Moving Skies album is a beauty…only her second solo album in 20 years, this Irish lass, with her band The Instructions, has given us a pop/rock album, with gorgeous Irish harmonies and Gogan’s wistful voice ( comparisons with Sandy Denny and Kirsty MacColl have been expressed).

Assisted by Undertones' Damien O’Neill, amongst other Irish luminaries, this album is another grower…so give Don’t Let Me Sleep and Malibu Stacey your ears!

Until another time!

Written By: Marty Blackmore Marty Blackmore is from Melbourne, originally from Invercargill, where he had a record store in the 70’s. Then, 120 record stores in Australia and New Zealand during 80’s and 90’s (well he was the GM). Currently rewired, plays in a Duo and a Band, loves finding new interesting artists and music in Blues, Americana, Country, Soul and Singer/Songwriter.