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Hard off the back of their first album Red Light Runner where the first single “Runaway Chair” racked up over 45,000 streams on Spotify, Sit Down In Front’s latest single “Rain” is a major step up. With an emphasis on improving both their production and song arrangement, it still has that raw punk sound but also has a sense of style to go with it.

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Recorded at Roundhead Studio’s under the watchful eye of producer Greg Haver, mixed by Clint Murphy, and mastered by Ryan Smith, Rain is two and a half minutes of hard and fast punk rock with aggressive vocals that you would not normally expect from a singer who leads from the front in a wheelchair. The whole story is something truly special and rare to see.

Coming from the small surfing village of Gisborne, New Zealand, it’s not surprising that Sit Down In Front produce a distinctive punk/surf vibe that is hard and fast. Having formed in early 2017 they are becoming well known for their tunes that cover everyday life stuff and the stories that come with all their songs.

Having recorded and self-produced their first album at the ripe old age of 14 years, the process taught them an awful lot. Although they have not yet received multiple awards and platinum sales, the future is bright. Their sound is built on the foundations of classic punk rock, a bit raw, but with a touch of youthful innocents. Sit Down In Front has developed a unique sound, capturing both old and new, which can often be lost in the pursuit of the next new thing!

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Build on childhood mates and family friends, it all started one afternoon in the lead singer (Cory’s) garage when Jack (guitarist) and Rikki (drummer) turned up to jam. It didn’t take long until they found Roman (bass) and the rest is history in the making. Now as a four piece they still practice in the same garage it all started in and are entertaining audiences across the country. Recently they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with The D4, Jon Toogood, and the Skinny Hobos, and continue to spread the amazing vibe of their unique live shows around New Zealand.

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  • Victoria Quade - 13 months ago

    Having been around when Punk was young, these guys have captured all the good things about the sound and then some.