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Spencer Zahn's Sunday Painter


New York City-based musician Spencer Zahn has released a new album via Cascine this week.  A lush collection of instrumental songs undulate along waves of jazz, ambient pop, Americana, and neo-classical, drawing from Zahn’s established musical background and collaborative ethos. 

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Zahn’s first two solo albums, 2018’s People of the Dawn and 2019’s When We Were Brand New, were born out of solitary synth experiments, melding his jazz background with a warm electronic pulse. For his new record, Zahn opted for something more organic and cooperative, relying both on intuition and interplay.

Inspired by the music of Keith Jarrett and the catalog of legendary jazz label ECM, as well as Miles Davis’s In a Silent Way, Sunday Painter thrives on collaboration. Players Spencer Ludwig (trumpet), Mauro Refosco (percussion), Kenny Wollesen (drums), Andy Highmore (piano/Rhodes/organ), Jacob Bergson (piano/Rhodes), Mike McGarril (soprano saxophone), and Dave Harrington (guitar/electronics) all contribute to the album's ebbing layers and radiant sheen. 

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