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Steve Earle plays Justin

Harlem River Blues and an entire album called JT


Wow, this is happy and this is sad. Steve Earle & the Dukes have made a record of Justin Townes Earle's songs and it's out Jan 4, on what should have been his 39th birthday.

This week they have released "Harlem River Blues", the happiest ever song about something as excruciatingly sad as suicide.

"The record is called J.T. because Justin was never called anything else until he was nearly grown. Well, when he was little, I called him Cowboy,” Steve Earle said in a statement. “For better or worse, right or wrong, I loved Justin Townes Earle more than anything else on this earth. That being said, I made this record, like every other record I’ve ever made... for me. It was the only way I knew to say goodbye.”

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