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The Dalton Correction - El Parque


It was necessary to traverse the ocean, to follow all the paths connecting Berlin to Argentina to obtain the unique rock-blend offered by this infamous South American “Power-Quartet”, The Dalton Correction

It was in Buenos Aires -more precisely in the mythical Flores neighbourhood- where the band found their own identity: a mix of Argentine-Rock’s early roots combined with high doses of the purest Prog/Sonic/Psych DNA, touches of cinematic soundtracks, raw garage and even country.

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But who are they? The group gathers one of the wildest drummers of Monte Grande county, the “wise man” commanding the ship on guitar, a bass player solid as its history and a highly regarded experimental axeman, all of them working together to channel the revered spirit of Rev Dalton.

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What a line-up! And Possible Records is announcing their first LP: “Beware of Yarara”. Yes, Beware! The snake is now near your ears and it might be dangerous…

Written By: Radio13