The One & Only Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra


From ballads and singalongs to high energy dance parties, Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra (TMO) have spent years weaving their stories with guitars and violins, with accordions and bass, with melodies and music makers gleaned from their wanderings. Here are the troubadours to remind you that this music (no matter what kind of device it ends up on) could not exist without warm bodies in search of harmony.

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TMO represent the multicultural nature of western Canada with our musical and ethnic diversity. Two out of five members of our band are first-generation Canadians. Their backgrounds are German Mennonite, Chinese, Dutch, Scottish, and Métis (French Indigenous). The band sings in both official Canadian Languages (English and French) but also in the largely spoken unofficial languages of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

The band is from a sparsely populated region of Canada’s west coast. The vastness of space itself and physical geography is an inspiration not only musically, but informs how we operate as a band, business and cultural movers. Travelling community to community, often rurally, as cultural workers bringing people together at community halls on gulf islands, barns in the prairies, kitchen parties in towns, clubs in the cities and festivals all summer long.

TMO’s music represents the multicultural tapestry of Canada incorporating diverse folk traditions: Roots, Eastern European Dance Party, Jazz, Bluegrass, Flamenco, African, Latin, Celtic, Métis, Rock, Gospel, Blues, Canadiana.

Since 2011 the band has been involved with The Legacy Children's Foundation Gift of Music Programs. These programs create all-inclusive music programming that engages financially challenged families and at-risk youth in creative and positive musical experiences.

The band regularly plays and hosts workshops at high schools and elementary schools throughout the country with the focus on musical and creative literacy.

Since 2006, the band has played multiple tours across Canada, the USA, and Europe. The band is currently promoting its latest EP, We Make Really Party, independently released in July 2017. TMO has had the distinction of performing at many major festivals across the country and abroad including Calgary Folk Fest, Vancouver Island Music Fest, Victoria BC Ska Fest, Ottawa Jazz Fest, Blissfest Michigan, Montreal Folk Fest, Dockville Fest Hamburg and Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife. In addition, the band has showcased at NXNE, Folk Alliance and the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Since 2008, TMO has independently recorded, released and toured 3 full-length albums and 3 EPs garnering grassroots support from coast to coast. The most recent offering, We Make Really Party, was a production recorded mostly live off the floor in a 5-day session following their summer tour in 2016.

Band Members: Kurt Loewen - Vocals, Guitars / 
Ian Griffiths - Vocals, Accordion
 / Paul Wolda - Percussion, Vocals
 / Keith Rodger - Double Bass
 / Mack Shields - Fiddle, Vocals

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See and celebrate diversity and the love for music with Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra at:

30/31st March - Cubadupa, Wellington
4th April - Festival of Colour, Wanaka
5th April - Lyttelton Records, Christchurch
6th April - Anthology Lounge, Auckland
7th April - Upsurge Festival, Bay of Islands

Tickets available from UnderTheRadar

Written By: Radio13