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The Warratahs Release New Video For Little Flame

Little Flame

This week, The Warratahs release their 30th Anniversary Compilation Drivin’ Wheel, with an animated video by Jody Lloyd from Trillion.

Warratahs bandpic

The Warratahs are:
Barry Saunders (vocals, guitar and harmonica)
Nik Brown (violin and mandolin)
Mike Knapp (drums)
Nick Theobald (bass and vocals)

The song is about Barry travelling around New Zealand in autumn with his young daughter, and how she would brighten up the lives of everybody who crossed their paths. I tried to capture the NZ landscape and the colours of autumn and create a 'feeling' with a simple narrative - Jody Lloyd

'I really wanted to challenge myself to develop a new slow, meditative and thoughtful music video style - like something that no one else is doing. In this world, everything is so fast-paced and everyone tries to grab attention by being flashy and slick. I want to create the opposite, like the viewer is turning through an art book, or staring out the window of a moving train. It’s In those kinds of moments I come up with new ideas or get inspired to create for the sake of creating. I want to encourage everyone into that space - humans are creative beings. The world is a better place when we inspire each other to think and create, and just go WOW, that’s possible.’

Jody Lloyd is a New Zealand musician who started out his long musical journey in the rap group Dark Tower. He now makes music under the name Trillion

More information about The Warratahs' new compilation album and tour details can be found here

Written By: Radio13