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Thomas Oliver sniffed The Roses and smelt a rat


Award-winning singer and songwriter Thomas Oliver today releases his new single "Roses" and reveals the mysterious circumstances in which the song was written.

Written during the first few weeks of lockdown in New Zealand, "Roses" was inspired by an online connection, which ultimately turned out to be not all that it seemed.  

The story of the song begins with a girl called Daniella, who Oliver became intrigued by. Their communication began over Instagram and graduated to phone calls and Oliver was inspired by her stories, particularly her story of roses and their significance throughout her remarkable life, which just fuelled his intrigue.

Oliver was so moved by her stories, he wrote "Roses". But the deeper he went with the communication, the more her story became harder to believe. After consulting with a friend and a bit of digging, he uncovered Daniella was not who she claimed to be. Even her photos had been stolen from another Instagram account.

This incredibly intelligent and unique [person] was now a woman I essentially knew nothing about, and it started to occur to me that everything she had told me was a lie,” he says.

Thomas Oliver

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Written By: Radio13