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Vika & Linda Find Musical Purpose In Sunday Lockdowns!

Ain't no grave gonna hold these ladies down.

Roger Bowie

They’re Australia’s most revered singing sisters, known for their rich vocal harmonies and stylistic breadth. And while still celebrating the release of their first ever best-of collection (and first ARIA #1 album) Akilotoa (Anthology 1996-2004), Vika and Linda Bull have wasted no time in following up with an inspired album of gospel songs, titled Sunday (TheGospel According To Iso). From Sunday, today Vika & Linda release the first single, There Ain’t No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down), written by the late gospel singer Brother Claude Ely

Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso) is a careful selection of songs that move them, including compositions going back to the 1930s but with lyrics that still feel as relevant as ever in 2020. Every song on the album was unearthed from their own collections, as well as recommendations from trusted musical friend Paul Kelly, with the exception of Shallow Grave, which was written especially for Vika & Linda by Kasey Chambers.


Album Cover Art

Sunday (The Gospel According To Iso)
Vika & Linda
Album out Friday 11 September through Bloodlines
Available to pre-order here

Written By: Roger Bowie Roger Bowie has been collecting music since 1964, starting with 45 rpm singles, and then building an LP and CD collection from 1970. 1.8 per week since then. Not a vast collection, but eclectic and occasionally obscure. Roger is a big Americana fan, and regularly attends AmericanaFest in Nashville, held every September. Also, he once played golf with Alice Cooper...