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Voodoo Bloo releases Jacobus


Using music as a way to process, to heal and to grow as a human, Wellington’s Voodoo Bloo has created a powerful collection of furious rock music in his debut album, Jacobus.

A 9-track studio album that has been born out of dark times for Voodoo Bloo (aka Wellington songwriter and musician Rory McDonald), Jacobus is an album of twists and turns, a narrative rollercoaster driven by emotion and urgency.

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Jacobus has its moments of intimacy and nuance, with tracks like "Homebody" and "9th Of July, 2019" providing moments of reflection and memorialising on Voodoo Bloo’s part. They act as great contrast to the punishing sounds of "Her Name Was Human" and "Lost Connection", two album highlights that are demonstrative of Voodoo Bloo’s great musicality and instrumentation.

Listen to Jacobus here


Written By: Radio13