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Wake Up, It’s Gareth Thomas’ New Single!


Gareth Thomas creates the morning anthem for sleepyheads everywhere with new single "Wake Up", the second single from Gareth’s impending 2021 album, Bits.

Written for Gareth’s girlfriend to soften her exit out of slumber, it’s a wake-up song with a chiming start, replicating a subtle alarm….that quickly kicks in to a rousing hook that inspires you to spring out of bed and start the day.

Says Gareth of the song; “I bought a new toy, a Korg Minilogue synthesizer. This song fell out of it the following morning. All the synthesiser sounds; woozy bass, bendy chords, rhythmic patterns and echoes came from the Minilogue. When I realised the song had a mystical eastern quality, I detuned my acoustic guitar which made it sound like a sitar - and added that to the mix the following week.” 

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Written By: Radio13