Welcome to Nowhere 2020


Continuing on from their music announcement, the Wellington-based Eyegum have announced their poetry, comedy and art lineups for the Welcome to Nowhere festival, to be held over 11-12 Jan 2020 in a secret location near Whanganui.

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"Last year we set a pretty high standard in terms of bringing together an amazing group of poets," says Poetry Co-Curator Jordan Hamel.

We've lined up a pretty stellar group this year, some of the most interesting and cutting edge poetry in Aotearoa. 

This year the trees will be full of art. Briana Jamieson has curated a group of 12 artists to make sunlight inspired works for the festival, under the exhibition name Through Branches/ Scattered Across the Lake. Combining mediums such as photography, painting, drawing, textiles and sculpture, the art will be exhibited all around the festival site.

"We're stoked to be adding comedy to our 2020 lineup," says Johnny Crawford, festival Comedy Curator.

We've pulled together some of our favourite Wellington comics and we can't wait to share the announcement. 

Alongside Brianna’s curational work Wellington art collective Mouthfull will be returning, focusing on creating a distinct immersive experience within the festival space, whilst accommodating for numerous workshops and activities to take place. From life drawing to yoga and meditation Mouthfull will have wonderful things to watch, listen to and learn from.

Alongside the various creative acts in place at the festival, Eyegum are excited to welcome back Two Girls One Taco. Providing their immensely popular Mexican inspired all plant-based and gluten-free food, alongside pizza, Two Girls One Taco have food options covered for the festival weekend.

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Here's the full line-up of performers at the festival

Stacey Teague, Rebecca Hawkes, Georgia Phillips, Sinead Overbye, Jonathan Peters, Ellen Morgan Butler, Nathan Joe, Dani Yourukova, Hadassah Grace, Rose Northey, Lizzie Murray, Tarns Hood

Alice Fennessy, Maisie Chilton, Briana Jamieson, Negin Dastgheib, Rebecca Hawkes, Jake Fairweather, Yasmina Gillies, Gabby Sinton, Saskia Bunce-Rath, Marielle de Geest, Anna Higgins

Jules Daniels, Alayne Dick, Sowmya Hiremath, Neil Thornton, Daniel John Smith, Maria Williams, Jonny Potts

Written By: Radio13