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Ny Oh is the moniker for indie folk singer-songwriter Naomi Ludlow. Naomi is a New Zealander, now based in London and she has been playing music for ‘forever’ and studied Vocal Performance at The Institute of Contemporary Music where she graduated in 2014. Through Naomi’s travels and the people she’s met her songwriting style has changed from folk pop tendencies, and developed into a deeper, soulful folk sound.

Ny Oh has released three EPs, Ny Oh (released February 2014), a foray of folk pop sounds, received early support from NZ musician Magazine and Bitter Sweet Symphonies blogs. Ny Oh toured the album from the UK to New Zealand. Lovely & Honest (released march 2016) was well received, winning early support from Off The Tracks.

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2018 saw her release a new single Georgia, she spent most of 2018 filming the visuals for it. 

During Christmas time (2018), she dropped her latest EP Without.

In addition to Ny Oh, Naomi also performs in a band called Jonathan Wilson.

Ny Oh is regularly involved in Sofar Sounds, having recordings from Sofar’s around the world. She recently released the video for the song Australia, on Sofar Sounds New Zealand.

Naomi has been invited to perform at music festivals and showcases around the world, having played at Glastonbury, Wanderlust Festival (NZ), the Great Escape Festival, Boomtown, Mind Body Spirit, and Small World festivals. She also ended up playing on the main stage at Wilderness Festival, after accidentally meeting the stage manager of the main stage, and being given a slot.

Naomi performs regularly around London, playing sold out shows at St Pancras Old Church, Kings College Chapel, The Water Rats and warehouse venues around London.

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Here are some personal words from Naomi about her new EP Without

It was the beginning of July. I was on my way back from Devon on a bus. I’d reached a point in my heartbreak where wrecking myself was no longer a way to avoid dealing with my pain, it had become unavoidable.

On that preface, crammed on a stinky Megabus, feeling like a shell of a human, I felt this energy rise in me, the need for internal clarity.

But I couldn’t just whip my guitar out, so instead I reached for my phone. 6 hours later and I’d typed down the lyrics to God knows how many songs, all that anger, sadness, frustration, loss came spewing out.

I didn’t go back and read them, it felt good to just have that all out of me... I did have the intention of sitting down and putting them to song when the moment felt right.

A week later my mum arrived from wherever she arrives from (it’s different every time) and she needed a new phone. Without thought i reset my phone and gave it to her.

I woke up, maybe 10 hours later, with the realisation of what I’d done.

‘I’ve just deleted all those lyrics haven’t I?’

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I was devastated at my disregard for my own emotions.

It’s 2am, my mum is asleep next to me, my nan in the next room. I need to cry. I need to go outside. I need to smoke. I go downstairs.

The loss of those lyrics, the loss. Everything was fresh again. Just as it had been in April.

I put my voice memo on record, picked up my guitar and for the next 45 mins I played these songs, one after the other, as if they were already formed, just as you hear them.

They’re nothing like those original notes from the Megabus, maybe you could call them a ‘refined version’, whatever you call it, they came out fast and real.. I guess I had to break my heart again to really get out the truth. (losing lyrics as a songwriter is fucking heartbreaking).

Just before I left the UK I had a spare day and wanted to get these recorded, so I could leave feeling they were really ‘off me’.

Going back into that emotion again was a hard but beautiful lesson to learn in terms of trying to record something in a very emotional state. I cried most of the time, and you can hear that, the slobby sniffs, the jangly guitar, i’m hurt.

I didn’t think I’d ever release them because of that.

It’s so personal... my songs are all personal, but these ones are like when someone opens your diary and reads some deep shit.

But if this year has taught me anything it’s to allow myself to be seen…

And in turn to allow space for people to feel everything. By sharing what my heart wants to get off itself, i heal myself through the process.

It’s been a year of crazy highs and lows for me, as I’m sure it has for you too. I want to thank those people who have pulled me through it, you know who you are. And want to thank Jonny, for showing me love is unconditional.

I feel so opposite now, to how I felt when I wrote these songs, but they captured something that we all feel at points, and it’s worth sharing.

This is my offering to 2018.

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Released: December 2018

Written By: Radio13

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